Disneyland’s Main Street USA

Tom Bricker (WDWFigment) ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Disneyland's Main Street USA

In my last caption, I suggested that I would be spending more time on Flickr, essentially, because I felt that emerging websites might be able to provide more constructive feedback whereas Flickr has seemingly become focused on comment-trading and, more importantly, lacks constructive feedback.

A lot of the assumptions upon which my opinion was predicated were called into question, and rightfully so. Some pointed out that Flickr is the most centralized Disney photo sharing community (which is without question true), and if some defect to other sites, the Disney photography community only becomes more fragmented, making it more difficult to easily find and interact with other Disney photographer. Moreover, human behavior, not something unique to Flickr, is what drives a certain type of comments, and unless there is some sort of (magical) fundamental behavioral change as people leave Flickr and head to other sites, the types of comments are going to be exactly the same. Others contacted me and expressed surprise that I wanted constructive criticism, since it seems my purpose with sharing photos is self-promotion. <br />

Given all of these points and many others, made in replies to my previous photo, all of which I greatly appreciate regardless of whether I agree with the sentiment or not, I have determined that I expressed my previous sentiments hastily. Flickr has been good to me. I’ve met a lot of people who I consider to be friends through Flickr, and I’ve learned a ton. It has the friendliest Disney photography community. It has the largest community of talented Disney photography. The list of “pros” goes on and on. While I may not like some of the common practices here, no social media is going to be perfect, as what’s perfect to one person might be fatally flawed to another, so expecting perfection is unreasonable.

Thus, rather than having the expectation that Flickr meet my subjective expectation of perfection, I’m going to see if I can modify my use of it to better suit my desires, and make it more clear that I love constructive criticism.

To that end, I would greatly appreciate it if, when commenting, you could find at least one thing you’d like to see improved about this photo, and point it out in a constructive manner. Alternatively, if you don’t feel qualified to do that, or just really like the photo, let me know one specific thing you think I did right. “Double” alternatively (that’s not a real concept, I realize), if you can’t think of anything specific to say, say whatever you want. I appreciate every single view, comment, and fave I receive, so my goal with this request is not to alienate those who just enjoy viewing and/or leaving short comments on photos. Your interaction is still greatly appreciated.

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