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Unicoi County, TN Courthouse – Erwin, TN

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Unicoi County, TN Courthouse - Erwin, TN

Unicoi County was created in 1875 from portions of Washington and Carter counties, though the first settlers had arrived more than century earlier. The county remained predominantly agrarian until the arrival of railroads in the area in the 1880s. It is also situated entirely within the Blue Ridge Mountains, specifically the Bald Mountains (south of the Nolichucky) and the Unaka Range (north of the Nolichucky). Big Bald, which at 5,516 feet is the highest mountain in the Balds, is also Unicoi County’s high point and included in a portion of the Appalachian Trail.<br />

The Unicoi County Courthouse was built in 1975 in Erwin, Tennessee. It was designed by Architects Hart, Freeland, & Roberts and built by J.I. Cornett Construction Company.

In 1916, a bizarre event took place in Erwin when a circus elephant, Mary, was hanged for killing her trainer. Hanging was chosen as the method of execution since all available guns were believed inadequate for killing an elephant. The hanging was the subject of a book, The Day They Hung the Elephant, by Charles Edwin Price.

Three bracketed photos were taken with a handheld Nikon D7200 and combined with Photomatix to create this HDR image. Additional adjustments were made in Photoshop CS6.

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