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Hancock County, TN Courthouse – Sneedville, TN

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Hancock County, TN Courthouse - Sneedville, TN

Hancock County was created from parts of Hawkins and Claiborne counties. The act establishing the county was passed by the state legislature on January 7, 1844, but several Hawkins residents sued to block its creation. In 1848, the Tennessee Supreme Court ruled in favor of the new county. The county seat, Sneedville, was named in honor of attorney William H. Sneed, who represented the county in the court case. The county was named for John Hancock, an American merchant, smuggler, statesman, and prominent Patriot of the American Revolution.<br />

The Hancock County Courthouse was built in 1931 by contractor Emory Construction Company. Architectural design was done by Allen M. Dryden.

This county, along with parts of neighboring Virginia, is associated with one of the mysteries of American history. There is a community (some describe it as a race) here known as the Melungeons. People have for a long time been trying to figure out who the Melungeons are and from where they came. Based on a combination of DNA testing, legend and appearance, many Melungeons appear to be traceable to north Africa and/or southern Europe. There is some evidence that Melungeons were here before white settlers began migrating west of the Appalachian mountains in the late 1700s. Assuming this is true, no one knows for certain how the Melungeons got here. Among the theories is that they are the descendants of people who established a now-forgotten colony, or that they are the descendants of Portugese slaves who escaped from Hernando de Soto’s army.

Three bracketed photos were taken with a handheld Nikon D7200 and combined with Photomatix to create this HDR image. Additional adjustments were made in Photoshop CS6.

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