Flickrversary-Pt Wilson Sunrise HDR

fresnatic ha aggiunto una foto al pool:

Flickrversary-Pt Wilson Sunrise HDR

Well it is my Flickerversary, my one year anniversary since I first joined the wonderful Flickr community. Unbelievable that a year has gone by and I have made such great connections with my contacts all over the world. I have to credit my friend Jason Hoover, aka: Surrealize, his link: with introducing me to the world of HDR photography! His inspirational work as well as Dave DeCello’s HDR work, his link: Have inspired me to take my photo taking and editing skills to a whole new level! If you have the time, please click on their links and prepare to lose yourself in their photo streams!<br />

About this shot. Finally after four separate trips to Port Townsend, I was able to finally capture an image of Point Wilson Lighthouse. It is located in Fort Worden, where they filmed "An Officer and a Gentleman." I have many photos of this lighthouse from my many trips here, but this past Saturday morning finally afforded me the right conditions for an art worthy print! I was even there Friday night to capture sunset, but it is tough to get a really good shot, and the sky was kind of flat! Just to the right of this image is the Keeper’s House and other sheds, but it just did not look right in this shot. So I decided to capture more of Puget Sound. Off in the distance is Mt Baker and Whidbey Island.

Point Wilson is the first lighthouse that was part of a fortified triangle protecting Admiralty inlet, from potential attack on shipping in Puget Sound. Admiralty Head lighthouse is across the inlet on Whidbey Island and just south of here on the Kitsap Peninsula, is the Point No Point Lighthouse. These three lighthouses lighted the way for mariners and two of them, Admiralty Head and Point Wilson, were located on forts. Admiralty Head is the only one that is no longer in service, however has a great Marine Interpretive center and has been recently restored.

Here is a link to the first photo I uploaded a year ago: Of course it is a lighthouse, what did you expect?

This is three exposures (+2,0,-2) blended and tonemapped in Photomatix, cropped along with some clean up cloning in Photoshop CS5, and a little color adjustments in Topaz Adjust. Also cleaned up a little of the noise with Topaz Denoise.

Thank you to all of my Flickr friends who have shared their comments and their beautiful work! I look forward to see what the coming year on Flickr brings. As always, thank you for the visits, comments and faves!

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